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Dr. Brittain and her experienced staff take the time to personalize every visit for each patient. As you know a child’s needs are very different from an adult and a fearful person needs very special attention. We know this and do our very best to make everyone’s visit an enjoyable one. From the moment you are greeted on the phone we want you to know we are there for you.

Dr. Brittain’s office has a calming quality that compliments her staff’s ability to comfort. The wonderful earth tones in the wood flooring; the fresh greens and beautiful blues just make you feel good. A soothing salt-water aquarium and an array of orchids await you upon entering. Not too far away is a smile and a welcome that is sincere.

Our office unlike many is not based on volume, but on quality care with specific attention each person. We do our very best not to “double-book” our patients. Our only exception is an emergency patient in pain. For this reason, appointment times are a promise we keep. We only require a 24-hour notice when unexpected events require a schedule change. Communication is key to success.

2833 Executive Park Drive, Suite 100 Weston, Florida 33331

Tel: 954-385-8522

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