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What Is Amalgam?

Amalgam is a material commonly used as a filling material for teeth and contains mercury, which has been proven to be toxic and unsafe. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) banned mercury in paints in 1991 and designated it as toxic poison, raising the question as to why it is still permissible to use as a prominent fixture in our mouths when it is deemed unfit to cover our walls. Economics is partially responsible, as amalgam fillings are less expensive, an appealing proposition to both dentists and their patients. Mercury is perhaps best known for its reputation for tainting the fish we eat. News reports frequently mention fish taken from the ocean, lakes, and streams containing the substance and the potential health problems it can cause if eaten too frequently. It is constantly linked to a number of health conditions and fatal diseases, with recent studies at the University of Kentucky showing a high correlating level of mercury in the brain cells of Alzheimer’s patients.

Dr. Kristen Brittain takes a holistic approach to dentistry, offering procedures that can enhance your overall wellness and provide you with dental materials that are designed to reduce risks to your health and minimize the release of toxins and waste into the environment. She offers comprehensive care that promotes health for both you and the world around us. Unsafe materials such as amalgam are still used in dentistry today. However, Dr. Brittain has chosen to eliminate all harmful metals and mercury to ensure the health and safety of her patients. She is committed to using mercury-free dental materials for all fillings, crowns, and bridges. Along with eliminating your exposure to mercury, the composite or porcelain material we use for dental fillings and crowns is tooth-colored making your results highly esthetic. This allows for a safe, beautiful, and natural finish.

Dr. Brittain believes the decision to blend esthetics and safety with the best of what modern dentistry offers provides her patients with amazing results, and you can see it in their smiles!





Actual patient results replacing metal restoration with esthetic composite resin

and beautiful porcelain.

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