A white radiant smile is the first thing people notice. How long has it been since you’ve known your smile wasn’t the best it could be? We are here to help if you find yourself avoiding a smile in pictures, covering a laugh, or turning away in an important conversation. Professional teeth whitening gives you the radiant results you want and the confidence you need in the world today. Here at the cosmetic dental office of Dr. Kristen Brittain, we have a variety of whitening options to fit your lifestyle. And when it comes to whitening, like with everything having to do with your smile, an experienced professional is your best resource. Dr. Brittain has a number of teeth whitening systems that she has hand selected to allow all of her patients to achieve their best white smile possible.

Zoom Whitening may be the best option for you! Zoom teeth whitening is an in-office UV light stimulated process that uses a 25% hydrogen peroxide gel. Results are immediate and long lasting. Lumismile, like Zoom is a 25% hydrogen peroxide gel with a desensitizing enhancer that is used in-office without a light. Both have immediate and lasting results. This system is great for the patient that has limited time or requires instant results. instant results.


We also have other whitening options and types of whitening gel that may be better suited to your situation and dental condition. Each take-home system requires custom whitening tray fabrication. All are great for new bleaching experiences as well as touch-ups when you find your teeth fading and want that extra boost of confidence.

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2833 Executive Park Drive, Suite 100
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